Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Baby Book/ Scrapbooking Ideas

Hi guys,

I think I have said it before but I love to scrapbook, photograph and document everything relating to my little Alfie Bear all the way from pregnancy to the here and now. So I obviously have a baby book that I put together documenting his first year.

I think that this is a very personal thing as every family is completely different so I think that your baby book should reflect that. Someone was kind enough to buy me a baby book so I used that but customised it to reflect Alfies first year and if there was a page that I didnt think worked for us, I changed it.

That being said, I'm hoping that this post might give people some ideas for their own baby book and it also allows me to take a trip down memory lane.

Scan Pictures
The first 2 pages in my book are dedicated to scan pictures of Alfie and a baby bump pic along with a little explanation with each pic and a little introduction to the book. I was paranoid about losing my scan pics so I like the fact they have been included in the book.

Scan pictures and baby bump with little captions throughout.

Fave Pics & Thank You Note
The next page has a few of my favourite pics of Alfie and a Thank You note that we had made and sent them out to our friends and family with his name and birth details on.

I think these cute, funny pics are a great start to the book

This was our birth announcement and Thank You card.

Family Tree
This seems a little unnecessary to me unless you have a really large family but I did one anyway but I didn't include pictures of everyone, just one of his favourite people, his cousins.

The family tree

The Day I was born
I detailed the time, day, month and year Alfie was born as well as the Midwife's name, Dr's name and Star Sign. I also attached his bracelet that was on his ankle. I then detailed his full name, weight, height, eye colour, hair colour and our first thoughts. I also attached the first pic that was ever taken of Alfie.

Aww first ever pic of Alfie, he looks like a little old man

My Birth Story
Here I wrote my Birth story, although I have written this whole book as though I am talking to Alfie so I haven't written any gory details but a family friendly version of my labour and delivery. Included on this page is also a little montage of newborn Alfie pics.

A little montage of early Alfie pics at the hospital and first days at home

Events from around the world
This page is dedicated to things that were happening the year Alfie was born. For example, the diamond jubilee happened the year of his birth and the London Olympics. I also found some celebrities that share Alfie's birthday and Buddy Holly is one of them. I also listed the number 1 song, number 1 film and any other important news from his birth day.

Visitors and Gifts
Here I listed all of the visitors that came to see Alfie and the presents that he was given, these included the first teddy bear he was given and the fact that Mummy and Daddy bought Alfie everything a baby could possibly need and found we didn't use most of it.

Going Home/Nursery
Here I listed the day we went home and how by the time we got out the car Alfie was screaming to be fed and how for the first few days Mummy refused to drive with Alfie in the car (scary). I also detailed the nursery which was jungle theme as it was based on Sophie the Giraffe which Alfie loved. We did not decorate a nursery until Alfie was about 5 months old. I have included some pics of Alfie in his giant cot and fast asleep.

I love this pic of him in his new cot he looks so tiny

He is just so edible

First Bath
I included some pics of Alfie in a bucket having a bath even though that wasn't his first bath obviously and I described how he hated his first bath.

I know its not his first bath but I just had to put this pic in 

I included some baby handprints and footprints. These were not easy to get, I didn't do them when Alfie was a newborn, I wish I had done now as I think it would have been easier. Trying to get prints from a 6 month old is no easy task.

I then included some cards that we received in Alfies first year such as my first Birthday card to Mummy, my first mothers day card, first fathers day card and a card from everyone at hubbys work. I love to collect cards and chose the really special ones to include in this baby book. I also added Alfies card that he was given when we bought his first pair of shoes from Clarks. I also included a card we received wishing us luck in our new home as we moved to a bigger house just before Alfie turned 1.

Card when Alfie was born and my first Birthday card to Mummy

My first Mothers Day card

Alfies card that he got when he had his first pair of shoes.

Daddy's first Fathers Day card that I had made is also in the book

Baby Firsts
I included several pages of baby firsts such as first smile, finding my feet, laughing, sitting up, rolling, had baby food, crawling, playing, clapping, standing, walking etc. I documented the first of everything but you can include any that you want. I included some pics of Alfie rolling and sitting too and pics of him eating chocolate for the first time.

Pics of him rolling and sitting up were included in the book

First chocolate face has to be included

Baby favourites
Here I listed all the favourites Alfie had during his first year such as his Jumperoo and ball at 6 months and cars at 12 months. I also included his favourite song, games with mummy and daddy, favourite books etc. I listed favourites at different points throughout the year so you can see how their likes change. I feel that baby books concentrate too much on newborn stage and not enough on the older age but you can easily include more info.

Here he is on a trampoline with a ball during his first summer

I also included Alfie's weight and height throughout the first year and his teeth as they cut. I even included the immunisations but again its up to you if you want to include this sort of information.

Showing off his first 2 teeth

First Steps
Here I detailed when Alfie could walk with help, stand alone and walk alone along with some pics of him in action.

Such a cool dude

First Haircut
I wrote about his haircut and obviously I kept a lock of his hair which I put in the book too. I was quite upset when he had his hair cut as my brother decided to do it but he knew better than to not keep a lock for me

Babies first lock.

First Words
I included first words and then had a list that I would add too as the year went on and then I added the sentences he could say too.

First Christmas
We go all out at Christmas in our house so I wrote all about Christmas and included a pic, Alfies first Christmas card that we had made, A Christmas card that I had made that we sent out to family and friends and his first letter off Santa. That Christmas was particularly special because not only was it our first with Alfie but it was when Hubby proposed and Alfie was apart of the proposal (another story)

Santa definitely came for Alfies first Christmas

His first Christmas Card off Mummy and Daddy and our family Christmas card

His first ever letter off Santa

First Holiday
I wrote all about Alfies first holiday and included some snaps from it too.

Alfies first trip to the beach 

First Birthday
Here I wrote all about the preparations for his first Birthday, presents, party and cake. I also included the invitations that I had made. His first Birthday was Monsters Inc so there are also lots of pics of his cake, decorations and presents. Unfortunately, Alfie had tonsillitis on his first Birthday so he was quite poorly but I think he still had fun.

Alfies first Birthday Invitation
Alfies First Birthday Cake

I then wrote all about what Alfie's family think of him and how much we all love him and asked family and friends to write a little about their relationship with him and just how special he is.

That concludes Alfies baby book. I included tons of photos, anecdotes, funny things that happened, cards, stickers and mementos which I think sum up Alfie's first year quite nicely. I think its all about the extras that make a baby book really special.

If you have any questions or want to see anything in particular detail then please let me know.

Once I had finished this book I displayed it at his Birthday Party so everyone could take a look. I am also working on a scrap book for every year but I have fallen behind but once these are completed, I will show these too.

Take care
Adele xxx


50 Things That Make Me Happy

Hi Guys,

I have been tagged (for the first time I might add, argghh exciting) by the lovely  Sophie at Mum M and More Blog to post the 50 Things That Make Me Happy. Please go and take a look at Sophies blog post and I hope you enjoy mine.
1. Being Alfie's Mummy
2. Being Married to my best friend
3. My wonderful family
4. My little Yorky Boris
5. Cracking the spine of a new book (heaven)
6. Smell of fresh coffee
7. When Alfie asks to "snuggle" me
8. Planning parties, events etc
9. Gossiping on the phone
10. Scrapbooking
11. Crafts with Alfie
12. Binge watching a TV show
13. My job (for the most part)
14. Bertha (My car)
15. Buying new shoes
16. My bestest friends a girl could ask for
17. Reading
18. Alfie's face when he sees his cousins
19. Decorating
20. Photographing everything
21. Watching Alfie and Daddy play Scooters and Scramblebugs
22. Going to the park with Alfie
23. Getting a package in the post
24. Watching a film with Hubby
25. A night out with friends
26. Dancing like no one is watching
27. Elvis Presley
28. The 60's (I was born in the wrong era)
29. My engagement/wedding rings
30. When Alfie says "no ploblem"
31. BBQ
32. Trampolining with 5 kids (scary fun)
33. Having a good sort out.
34. Holidays
35. Alfie's giggle
36. Hubby's giggle
37. My Wedding Day
38. The day Alfie was born
39. Ikea shopping
40. Blogging
41. The fact that hubby loves scented candles.
42. WWE (just love, love, love it)
43. Watching Keeping up with the Kardashians and then discussing it at length at work
44. Alfie's unwavering love of all things transport, he knows them all.
45. Spending the day with my Pops
46. A new diary and writing really neatly for January and then it becomes a mess.
47. The fact that Alfie is freakishly smart (bias I know but the Health Visitor Agrees)
48. Doing something a bit crazy just for the fun of it
49. The look on hubbys face when I do something a bit crazy. 
50. My laptop (It's sooo pretty)

Thats my 50 favourite thing that make me happy, Thanks again to Sophie for the tag and I now tag
My life after Logan
Tiny Footsteps
Muma on the edge

So now its your turn to post 50 things that make you happy.

Take Care
Adele xxx

Monday, 13 April 2015

Family Days Out

Hi guys,

This weekend has been really manic, I have taken Alfie to a park of some sort Thursday, Friday and Saturday last week. This is so he can get some fresh air and exercise but it is also part of my weight loss and get fit goal.

So on Friday I took Alfie to a park that has a really fab playground but it also has a little petting zoo for the little ones to have a look round. I love this park as it has a visitor centre and rangers so everywhere is really well kept and clean.

 So, he is quite the poser now, this may be because this child has had more photographs taken of him than Prince George!
Here he is ready to go to the Park in his Ferrari car seat (obviously) which he thinks is soooo cool.

 I wish I would have taken some pics of the play ground as a whole because it's really cute but here his coming out of  a tunnel. I have noticed that he likes to climb a lot more now which is good for him but I am constantly twitching with fear. If I try to help him, he pushes me away and states
"I can do it on my own Mummy"
Now I get this need for independence but it was only 2 days ago that he ran in front of a moving swing and nearly knocked himself out so you can understand my concerns.

 This was a cool little swing that he could lie or sit on and it went backwards and forwards as well as side to side. He generally isn't that bothered by swings, especially since swing-gate a couple of days ago but he did like this.

 Now this jeep was his favourite, it's as if it is on springs so you can wobble it about. It was not easy to remove him from this, he would have played on it for hours.
The above pic shows a mardy little fella as I had the audacity to suggest we go home for lunch.

The pictures below are of the little petting zoo that they have at the park, we got to see a giant potbellied pig, pygmy goats, cows, chickens, ducks, bunnies and degus. Alfie liked the animals and kept telling me they are "cute little animals"

And then on Saturday we went to a huge farm that has had an Easter style event on for the past 2 weeks and I didn't want to miss seeing the baby chicks and lambs.

The farm was full of baby animals that Alfie was able to get a really close look at. They were all super cute and to be honest I think I was a little more excited than the rest of the family.

 Look at that face, he is so cute, and is never as happy as when we are outside.
 Well Mummy and Alfie were very excited about the tiny donkeys, they would be perfect size for Alfie to have a ride on but that's frowned upon apparently.
 Now we were not too sure about this fella, they could get really close to you and I don't think he was too friendly.

Aww baby lambs and baby sheep, anything that is in baby form is just so cute!

Big chickens and baby chicks, there were also eggs waiting to hatch (none did) and different age chicks. Also I discovered it only takes an egg 21 days to hatch. Learn something new everyday.

 Absolute Highlight of Alfie's day!
Was Hook a Duck, he was so excited that he could win a toy that he couldn't stop smiling and he is still talking about it today.
Look at that face, he was so happy with himself.

It was my brother in laws birthday so we then all went for lunch and then, you guessed it, the park! Another new one that we hadn't tried and another really great park. Alfie is loving slides at the minute and we have been thinking of buying one for the garden. 

 Daddy likes to get involved too and we all went down this slide a few times, it's really steep so Alfie flew down it.

 This thing spins which was all fun and games until Alfie thought he was going to be sick. Luckily we stopped in time before there was any up-chuck.

So we have had a fab few days and needed Sunday to relax at home and do absolute nothing but watch films and chill.

I was also quite proud of myself for going out to lunch but sticking to my Slimming World Diet, I had a grilled chicken salad with no dressing and left the croutons so I gave myself a little pat on the back. I really hope I have something on Thursday as I have tried really hard.

Hope everyone else had a fab weekend

Take Care

Adele xxx