Tuesday, 14 April 2015

50 Things That Make Me Happy

Hi Guys,

I have been tagged (for the first time I might add, argghh exciting) by the lovely  Sophie at Mum M and More Blog to post the 50 Things That Make Me Happy. Please go and take a look at Sophies blog post and I hope you enjoy mine.
1. Being Alfie's Mummy
2. Being Married to my best friend
3. My wonderful family
4. My little Yorky Boris
5. Cracking the spine of a new book (heaven)
6. Smell of fresh coffee
7. When Alfie asks to "snuggle" me
8. Planning parties, events etc
9. Gossiping on the phone
10. Scrapbooking
11. Crafts with Alfie
12. Binge watching a TV show
13. My job (for the most part)
14. Bertha (My car)
15. Buying new shoes
16. My bestest friends a girl could ask for
17. Reading
18. Alfie's face when he sees his cousins
19. Decorating
20. Photographing everything
21. Watching Alfie and Daddy play Scooters and Scramblebugs
22. Going to the park with Alfie
23. Getting a package in the post
24. Watching a film with Hubby
25. A night out with friends
26. Dancing like no one is watching
27. Elvis Presley
28. The 60's (I was born in the wrong era)
29. My engagement/wedding rings
30. When Alfie says "no ploblem"
31. BBQ
32. Trampolining with 5 kids (scary fun)
33. Having a good sort out.
34. Holidays
35. Alfie's giggle
36. Hubby's giggle
37. My Wedding Day
38. The day Alfie was born
39. Ikea shopping
40. Blogging
41. The fact that hubby loves scented candles.
42. WWE (just love, love, love it)
43. Watching Keeping up with the Kardashians and then discussing it at length at work
44. Alfie's unwavering love of all things transport, he knows them all.
45. Spending the day with my Pops
46. A new diary and writing really neatly for January and then it becomes a mess.
47. The fact that Alfie is freakishly smart (bias I know but the Health Visitor Agrees)
48. Doing something a bit crazy just for the fun of it
49. The look on hubbys face when I do something a bit crazy. 
50. My laptop (It's sooo pretty)

Thats my 50 favourite thing that make me happy, Thanks again to Sophie for the tag and I now tag
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So now its your turn to post 50 things that make you happy.

Take Care
Adele xxx


  1. Lovely. Thanks for joining in. I'm pleased I took your tag virginity!! ;-) xx

  2. No problem, it was fun! Well you never forget your first lol xxx

  3. This is a fab list & im especially with you on no.20 - I photograph everything too hehe and thanks for my first tag - my list is up and running now too :) x