Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Giant Surprise Egg. Easter 2015

 Hi guys,

Unfortunately, this Easter me and hubby have worked nearly all of it, we don't get bank holidays off and have to work weekend shifts too. So although Alfie had a couple of Easter eggs off family, we didn't get chance to do anything fun and I love any event where I can plan and put something together.

So today, although I worked this morning, I  booked the afternoon off, came home to collect Alfie and took him to pick up his 4 little cousins and went straight to the park. We live pretty close to a huge park with tons of space and a really fun playground and Alfie loves to run free.

It was all going so well, Alfie absolutely adores his cousins and they are all so close that its like having siblings. And then.... Alfie runs in front of a swing and gets bumped on the cheek. The poor little fella was so upset and now has a big red mark which I think is going to be a huge bruise by the morning. It was one of those situations where no one could get to him in time but it also seemed to happen in slow motion. Poor little guy. He is a little trooper though and was soon running around the park playing football. We managed the rest of the day unscathed and we were all pretty pooped when we got home.

So, although it didn't go completely to plan, he really enjoyed himself.
On to the next part of our Easter fun day.

Surprise Egg

Now Alfie is obsessed with cars and transport but he also loves surprise eggs. He has watched these videos on YouTube where people open plastic eggs and there is a surprise inside.  He talks about these quite a bit and for his birthday I bought some of these eggs and put hotwheels in them. So for Easter I wanted to go one better, I had seen these giant plastic eggs on Youtube that were big enough for toys and chocolate etc. This is what I wanted to get but I could not find any in the UK and shipping from the states was really expensive. After a few weeks of looking, I managed to find a huge plastic Egg with 36 mini plastic eggs inside that you could put surprises in and best of all the shop was in the UK. Once I have an idea, there is nothing that will stop me tracking down what's needed. I'm pretty stubborn like that, I will not let it get the better of me lol.

So I filled the 36 plastic eggs with micro drifter cars and bouncy balls and a couple with chocolate M&M's. He has had more than his fill of chocolate for Easter.

While Daddy was bathing him, I made sure all the mini eggs were put back in the giant egg and put it in the living room. When he saw this giant egg, he was so excited and kept saying "WOW" and "Oh My Goodness" and "This is so fun". It was like his own Youtube video and it was like he was living a little dream.

The plastic eggs are great and we can keep it for next year too.

So I think overall Alfie had a good (late) Easter.

I have posted some pictures of his Easter present below and a couple from the park. I hope everyone had a fab Easter.

It all started so well, he loves the park

This is the giant egg next to a mini egg so you can see the size difference

The mini eggs

An example of the micro drifters in the eggs.

The completed giant egg

The eagerness to get into it

I think he was suitably impressed.

I am now well and truely pooped. Today has felt like it was 2 days rolled into one and running around a park with 5 kids seriously makes me realise how unfit I am and made me think I should probably start doing a bit more exercise so I can keep up with them all. Next on my agenda, get fit and drop a few lb's I think

Take care

Adele xxx


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